Informing enterprise decisions to ensure business resiliency

Global corporate enterprises are restructuring their balance sheets to accommodate for the value of data. Current data driven decisions are being made at the highest levels based on predictive analytics. The year 2020 has seen a reduction in the value of historical data from any year that preceded it. It is against that backdrop that we introduce Enterprise Data & Business Analytics Live.

Real-time enterprise data is being organized in new ways. Data leaders are finding ways to democratize data like never before. Once in the hands of subject matter experts, data is being analyzed for business enablement with a forward-facing innovation-based mindset. Thus enterprise data is being actioned with a new actualized value placed upon it.

All the while, data leaders are providing cogent business enabled data governance to ensure appropriate use and management by a wider percentage of the enterprise.

Artificial intelligence is being gleaned from machine learning as ‘math on top of data’ provides a new level of insights to global organizations. Whether through complex data science or low-code/no-code applications, a new layer of acumen is informing enterprise decisions to ensure business resiliency no matter the micro or macro disruption.

Featured Speakers

What You Will Takeaway

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Solid strategies to grow true data-driven decision making at your enterprise

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Tools to employ to gain real-time data. Alleviating the reliance on historical data

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Tactics for gaining true collective intelligence from humans + machines

What you can expect


Content for the event is provided by industry thought-leaders and aimed at the Chief Data & Analytics Officer level to ensure VIP information is delivered.


The event has been produced based on months of research with top-level executives in the space ensuring the best and brightest insights are offered.


Key takeaways are offered at the close of every session ensuring that you have actionable information to apply at your organization.


Take the opportunity to ask our presenters your key questions to ensure bespoke knowledge for your particular enterprise

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