Leveraging Data Analytics & AI Capabilities to Strengthen Business Continuity in an Unprecedented Era

 14 April 2021| 9:00am - 12:00 pm AEST | Online

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Data & Analytics Leaders Exchange 2020 - Insights from the Experts

Ahead of the Data and Analytics Exchange 2020, we caught up with four local data and analytics experts from IAG, Momentum Energy, Pepper Money and the Department of Customer Service, NSW about the challenges, opportunities and future of Australian data and analytics scenario.

Data & Analytics Leaders Investment Priorities Report

The Data & Analytics Leaders Investment Priorities Report was compiled with input from leaders representing large organisations from across different industry sectors.With a sample size of over 100 respondents, the report provides a finger on the pulse of blue chip corporations that are wi ...


5 Winning Data Management Strategies: the Next Step for Chief Data Officers

This eBook outlines and compares five different big data approaches which you can draw upon to build a forward-thinking and innovative strategy. Each approach is currently used by the few companies currently leading the way in this exciting new field.

Chatbots - Drive Greater Customer Engagement and Employee Productivity

Chatbots and voice recognition technologies provide opportunities to deliver far more than an additional way of communicating with employees and customers. This eBook provides an overview of the tools, technologies, and approaches being used to drive greater customer engagement across both front and back office functions.

Developing a Data-Led Culture to Enable the Effective Utilisation of Data - A Sunsuper Case Study

Trevin Erichsen, Manager of Analytics and Insights at Sunsuper explores the challenges associated with effective data management and delves into how building the right culture and the right governance frameworks is helping mitigate risks and allowing Sunsuper to effectively harness data in business operations.

How to Monetise your Data

Data is increasingly considered to be the greatest business asset and there is more and more attention paid to an organisation’s data management strategy. Organisations can achieve useable, valuable data by having excellent approaches to data acquisition, storage, governance, analysis and security. However the next step is for the organisation...

The Intrinsic Value of Ensuring Data Privacy

In this paper BDO seeks to demonstrate how building a mature information security and data privacy programme can enhance the professionalism of a company's employees and reinforce an organisation's public reputation. It explores the intrinsic value and hidden benefits organisations can achieve through meeting and exceeding their data protection obligations.

What's next for the CDO

For many CDOs their initial work has focused on creating a data culture, gaining bu-in, overcoming silos, and unpicking the challenges of legacy systems, data spaghetti, and crucially, governance. With those first phases now settling down, we can look to predictions for the next stages and ask, what are the...

10 Enterprise Analytics Trends to Watch in 2019

This year will be a turning point for many organizations as they realize that just being “data driven” doesn’t guarantee future success. The future belongs to the enterprises that anticipate constantly evolving regulatory, technological, market, and competitive challenges, and turns them into opportunity and profit. It belongs to enterprises that...

Case Study: DeRoyal Industries Adopts Advanced Analytics and Mobile Capabilities

Executives are responsible for making decisions that can make or break a company. Yet, they have little time to dig through and make sense of data sitting in spreadsheets and databases. To lead well, they need to be able to keep both the big picture and the details of day-to-day ...

Key considerations for financial services institutions when selecting a BI solution

As a result of the global financial crisis, financial services institutions have come under greater scrutiny, and the environment in which they operate is increasingly characterized by unprecedented economic, regulatory, and technological change. Now, more than ever, decision makers need to be sure that their technology investments will pay off—choosing...

White Papers and Reports

How AI and Bots Are Disrupting Banking and Finance

Artificial Intelligence is expected to permanently change the banking industry in profound ways during the coming months and years. Companies want to seek a competitive edge by implementing more technology to achieve improvements in speed, cost, accuracy and efficiency. 

Intelligent Enterprises through Robotics Process Automation

As enterprises become more complex, and success increasingly depends on streamlining operations, it becomes imperative to invest in emerging technologies that enhance efficiency and facilitate improved decision-making in the back-office. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) brings you one step closer to this goal by significantly reducing turnaround time, interacting with multiple...

Advanced Machine Learning - Key Digital Transformation Trends

Digital transformation trends have resulted in a data explosion across industries. Enterprises are increasingly leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to identify trends, harness insights based on data, and make critical business decisions to gain a competitive advantage in the market. This paper explores the key trends and...

Making the Business Case for Intelligent Automation - The Simple Steps Required to Understand Your Business Case and Benefits

In this white paper, you will gain understanding of the simple steps required to build a business case for IA, including the benefits of using a Business Case Tool to quickly and easily model many processes, understand the potential savings and prioritise accordingly in order to build momentum and maximise...

Enabling Chief Data Officers, Data Leaders, and the Data Revolution - A White Paper by Dataiku

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) can drive data strategy, support machine learning analysis, and generate business value with data. We live in a world rife with rich data and open-source tool support. However, there are many obstacles between CDOs - or any data leader - and successful organizational integration of data...

Enabling AI Services Through Operationalisation & Self-Service Analytics - A White Paper by Dataiku

You are the CXO of a company that serves as a sales platform for thousands of different clients. You and your management team have identified a list of processes that could be improved via better use of your data and advanced analytics. For instance, in order to help your clients...

Self-Service Analytics Maturity Model - Guide from TDWI Research

There is a revolution happening in analytics and that is the move towards self-service. TDWI research indicates strong interest in self-service business intelligence (BI), analytics, and data preparation solutions. For instance, as far back as 2013, close to 80 percent of respondents in a TDWI survey said it is important...