RPA Testing Automation: Your Next Key Enabler of Business Resiliency

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As the demand for new releases, product offerings and service excellence has grown, so has the need to quickly and effectively test software before it is released. Over the past five years, software testing has evolved from record & play to complex script based solutions. However, now, RPA is taking things one step further by enabling the full end-to-end automation of testing processes.

With this in mind, on October 29, 2020 we invited Shrikant Deo, Associate Director and Lead – Product Management at EdgeVerve, and Vasudeva Naidu, AVP – Delivery Head at Infosys, to discuss the ins and outs of leveraging RPA tools to optimize testing processes

Using AssistEdge, a holistic suite of automation and AI capabilities, companies not only automate the end-to-end testing processes, but easily scale the solution across the enterprise. In fact, one of the key components of the system is process discovery (i.e. its ability to identify new processes to automate). 

For example, a leading bank in Bahrain used AssistEdge RPA tool to automate invoice processing workflows across UAT and production workflows. In the end, they were able to build a flexible framework and an end-to-end automation suite inbuilt with multiple reusable components and an error handling mechanism that anyone can use. As a result, they reduced invoice processing time by 20 hours, achieved 100% report accuracy, delivered 40 hours of effort savings in statement verification and increased the productivity of unattended bots by 80%. In addition, unattended regression suite automation improved the turnaround time by 60%.

What about the future of test automation? Shrikant Deo foresees the incorporation of mobile automation & testing, AI chatbots, the creation of self-healing bots, and the delivery of advanced intelligent testing insights. 

Want to learn more about the AssistEdge System? You can watch the full webinar for free, on-demand HERE

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